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Alyx chatbot helps you find the most suitable computer for your exact needs, offers price comparison and explains why a selected product fits you best!
Alyx is currently available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram and will soon on other messaging platforms. Please subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know once we have launched on other platforms.

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ALYX features
Need Assessment

By asking you non-technical questions, Alyx will understand your exact needs and makes a personalised profile for you, so you know what computer specifications you need.

Product Discovery

After knowing exactly what you need, Alyx then gives you a filtered list of products matching your exact needs so that you don’t need to spend time searching on different shops.

Price comparison

Alyx compares prices from different shops for you instantly, so that you can easily get your new computer with the BEST PRICE!

Product Consultation

Alyx explains the product in more detail so that you can make an informed purchase, saving you times reading blogs or asking others for reviews of the product.

About us

In this technology booming era, more and more new tech products with advanced features are coming out to the market. However, these tech products with advanced features always come with complicated technical specifications, therefore, without sufficient knowledge and time to research, people are prone to put more weight on other available signals such as pushy marketing and biased recommendations, instead of selecting the products that match their exact needs.

Alyx chatbot brings customers wishes affront and identifies products that match their needs, while also performing consulting in natural language on them and guiding to the final purchase. Alyx is like a personal assistant that chat with you and help you select the most suitable electronic product.

Alyx is one of the bot applications from AISSA-Artificial Intelligence Specialist and Shopping Assistant ( AISSA is built by a team of PhD experts in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Data Science, Senior Software Developers, Web Developers, Software Development with Information Technology Operations (DevOps), Product Manager, Conversation Designer, Chatbot Developer and more.

Our Mission: We are committed to helping you buy the right product for your exact needs.

Our Vision: We are devoted to become your go-to guide when looking to buy a tech product.


YES, it is completely FREE for you to chat with Alyx Chatbot! Consider it as an instant free computer consultation.

Absolutely no hidden costs behind and with our price comparison features, you could easily get the best deal across all sellers for the computer that fits your exact needs.

What’s more, because Alyx Chatbot is independent of any brands or online shops, so Alyx would give you unbiased and trustworthy advice.


Alyx Chatbot is currently available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram

We are also looking to integrate into other popular messenger channels. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest update!


Alyx Chatbot currently is only trained in helping customer select computer, but we also plan to expand Alyx’s skill sets into other electronic products, please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest update!


As a lean startup, we follow agile development methodology and we are continuously improving through iteration of testing, getting feedbacks and implementing improvement.


As mentioned above that Alyx Chatbot is still in BETA, therefore, we really appreciate your feedback to help us improve Alyx Chatbot to serve your needs better! Please fill out our survey here:


(1) Alyx is independent and not biased:

Alyx is not funded by any computer manufacturer or reseller, therefore, the advices that Alyx gives are completely unbiased and you can trust that your needs are the top priority of Alyx.

At present, Alyx mostly knows products available in UK shops and we are integrating more online shops for product discovery and price comparison.

(2) Alyx is knowledgeable and constantly improving:

Currently, Alyx has been trained as a computer expert and that he can understand the needs of a user and uses the advanced methodology to suggest a list of filtered products. Alyx is built by a mix of conversation design and machine learning, with dedication from our team and with more conversation that Alyx had over time, Alyx will become smarter and smarter.

Technologies Behind Alyx Chatbot
Detecting your needs with NLP

Through conversation, Alyx is able to analyse your needs and quantifies the degree of relevance of the particular technical parameters to you using weights estimated from replies, matching your requirements to technical parameters. Alyx is able to ask you non-technical questions about your preferred computer usage scenarios, and judge what technical parameters your need.

Omichannel dynamic filtering

Alyx integrates real-time product feeds from different providers with detailed product technical specification. Alyx applies novel approaches to estimation of filters to narrow down the selection list. So Alyx could find products optimally-fit your exact needs and offer price comparison from multiple shops.

Machine learning based review summarization

Built through advanced novel NLP models and trained with product reviews, comparisons and technical specifications, Alyx can give you rounded product information based on your queries. Alyx can generate a short and informative summary about a review of a particular component of a product in question, and provide information about pros and cons of a product.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Alyx chatbot uses machine learning to train natural language processing (NLP) models, while using DialogFlow to detect intents, entities and contexts, and ElasticSearch service for product review processing. Alyx is currently released in ActiveChat platform in NodeJS, and uses NodeJS and Python based APIs for data processing and decision making.

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